Hair Today - Gone Tomorrow

August will be 5 weeks old on Wednesday, and like most babies (and much to my dismay), his newborn hair is starting to fall out. He was born with the most beautiful straight dark hair just like his dad, and now he looks like an old man with hair only in the back. His hair has rubbed off mostly on the sides where the part of his head meets my arm when I hold him or feed him…and the top of his head where I kiss him all the time. 

I tried my hardest to figure out a way to stop it from falling out because I love it, but I realized that as long as it was continually being rubbed by my arms when I held him, it would continue to fall out. The good thing about it falling out is that once the thin baby hair falls out, new, stronger permanent hair will begin to grow in its place.

It’s the same when the abrasiveness of life begins to rub against the weak areas in my life. At first, I try my best to stop it. The truth is, often times the weak areas in my life are the areas my flesh loves the most. But as time passes, I realize that once those weak places have been rubbed away, new, stronger, permanent characteristics grow back in their place.

Materialism gives way to generosity.
Selfishness gives way to selflessness.
Pride gives way to humility.
Idleness gives way to productivity.

As it is difficult to watch August’s beautiful baby hair fall out, knowing that thicker more beautiful hair will grow in it’s place makes it worth it. Just the same, as uncomfortable as it is to have these weak areas in my life rubbed away, the beauty that comes with what replaces them is more than worth it.